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5 Ways A Groom Can Help His Bride Select The Perfect Wedding Dress

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For many brides, selecting a wedding dress can be a difficult, emotional process. Among the rest of the wedding planning details, selecting the right wedding dress is often one of the more stressful events for a bride. Many brides may feel stressed about the cost of a wedding dress, the many options available, and their own appearance in the dress. Additionally, they may be concerned about traditions, what guests will think about the wedding dress, and whether her soon-to-be husband will appreciate the dress. Read More»

Adoption By Same-Sex Parents In Texas: Three Things You Need To Know

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The number of adoptions by same-sex couples has tripled in the United States over the last decade, thanks to changes in legislation and more liberal social attitudes. As such, you may want to give up your baby for adoption to a same-sex couple, but you may not understand how the law works in Texas or if the process is different for gay adoptive parents. Learn more about the adoption process for same-sex couples in Texas, and consider the three important facts. Read More»