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5 Ways A Groom Can Help His Bride Select The Perfect Wedding Dress

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For many brides, selecting a wedding dress can be a difficult, emotional process. Among the rest of the wedding planning details, selecting the right wedding dress is often one of the more stressful events for a bride. Many brides may feel stressed about the cost of a wedding dress, the many options available, and their own appearance in the dress. Additionally, they may be concerned about traditions, what guests will think about the wedding dress, and whether her soon-to-be husband will appreciate the dress. 

If you are a groom, there are several ways that you can support your bride-to-be while she picks out the perfect wedding dress. 

Offer to Go Shopping With Her

While traditionally the bride goes wedding dress shopping with her maid of honor and other female members of the wedding party, gender roles in wedding planning are rapidly changing. In fact, one in five men have helped their partner select their wedding dress. If you regularly shop with your fiancee or help her pick out clothes for parties, shopping for a wedding dress can be a fun bonding experience. It can also help ease her nerves if your bride-to-be knows that you like the dress she selected. 

Create a Wedding Dress Budget 

Finances are one of the most stressful aspects of a wedding, and trying to get the perfect wedding gown can sometimes make you go over budget. However, setting a strict budget for the wedding gown will help the bride limit her choices while she is shopping, which can actually reduce stress. When setting a wedding dress budget, make sure you include items such as alterations, steaming and delivery charges in your budget so your bride does not accidentally go over the budget. 

Take On Other Aspects of Wedding Planning 

If your fiancee seems stressed about getting the perfect dress, you can help her out by taking on other aspects of wedding planning. For example, you can complete the final booking for the venue or offer to work on seating chart variations so she can take the afternoon to go to a fitting or a gown sale. If she knows that you have other aspects of wedding planning under control, she can focus her emotional energy on selecting her dress. 

Be Willing to Discuss Traditions and Expectations 

For the modern bride, there are not many limits on the bridal gown. She can select any color and any style of dress to wear as her wedding gown. However, for many women, wedding traditions are still important and breaking them can be stressful. You should be willing to sit down and discuss your expectations and hopes regarding traditional aspects of your wedding. Let your bride know if you would prefer she choose a full-length, white gown or if seeing her in a more casual, shorter dress would make your wedding day perfect. This will help her begin to eliminate some choices and also give her an idea of the type of dress that will elicit the reaction she wants from you. 

Share Your Own Insecurities 

Although most men do not have a lot of choices to make when it comes to their wedding attire, it is important that you share your shopping experience with your fiancee. For instance, let her know that you had a difficult time choosing between a jacket with tails or without. Or let her know that you feel shy about standing in front of all of your family and friends and that you wonder whether they will like your suit. 

Although the wedding dress is a personal choice for the bride, there are many ways that you can support her while she makes her decision. For more information, contact a company like Bridal Elegance